Default sales terms and conditions for the EMEA zone excluding any potential annexes to the customer.

Updated : 08/2023

SaaSduo is a subsidiary of Synergius Ltd, a British company registered under number 13344127. The registered office is located at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC3H-9JQ. The company has various patents and licenses. All rights reserved. This agreement is entered into and became effective on January 16, 2023. Between SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) on the one hand;

And the Customer on the other hand.

— Context: SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) has expertise in digital solutions such as websites, mobile apps, internal software and SMMA. SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) will undertake the work for the services listed in detail and indicated on the customer's quote end-to-end. In this context, the Parties have agreed on the terms of the following schedule: A start date and schedule indicated on the quote. To provide this service, SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) may possibly request cloud products from the customer, initially specified in the quote.

— General conditions: The service provided under this Contract is subject to SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd)'s general sales terms and conditions as set forth in the (“Conditions”).

— Billing and payment conditions: The cost of the listed services.

1. Upfront fee ; from £500 to £10k VAT incl. (billed one time)
2. Usage rate ; £0.01 VAT incl. per log. (billed monthly as a sum)

All subscriptions are without a duration commitment except for a special condition in an annex. A renewal must be paid in cash within a maximum of 14 days, in case of refused debit it will be automatically terminated after 3 other attempts. 6.

SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) works with the STRIPE service to record, collect and process payment data. The customer authorizes SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) to make the debits for the amounts specified in the quote.

Depending on your billing currency, SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) collects your payments from a similar currency account, so the customer is not eligible for potential banking fees.

To start an hourly billed service, the deposit must be paid in advance. The balance is to be paid upon first delivery, for example, described as Version 1. Cloud fees may be necessary, we handle these items on a case-by-case basis per project in direct relation with the customer and presented on the initial quote.

— Terms and conditions: These terms and conditions constitute an agreement with you and SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd), a company incorporated in the United Kingdom, whose registered office is located at 71-75 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom. The retention amount may be reviewed if the scope of the work or the duration exceeds the deliverables or expectations. The customer must inform SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) in writing one (1) month in advance when they wish to terminate the engagement and vice versa. In case of termination, the customer will pay the amount billed until the date of termination SaaSduo (SYNERGIUS LTD).

Any notice given by one party to the other under this contract must be sent to the other party in writing or by fax and confirmed in writing to the address provided by the other party. The same must be confirmed in writing by the recipient. In case of dispute, claim and legal action arising from the contract, the parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of London (United Kingdom) only.

— Representation and warranties: SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) declares, agrees and warrants by this document that the services distributed by SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) under this Agreement do not violate/infringe, or at any time during or after this agreement must not violate/infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this agreement on the date first above written.

— Signed, sealed, and delivered: By, for, and on behalf of the customer for and on behalf of SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd). Company: SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd). Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. ID: 13344127 Email: Website:

hereinafter also referred to as "PROVIDER" and The Customer (Customer information on the quote) It is agreed by and between the Customer and the Provider as follows.

— Meeting with the provider: The customer entrusts the Provider with all the services and additional work for their company, in accordance with the specifications, plans and documents provided by the Customer and the Provider's quote.

— Provider's services: All services ordered by the customer are indicated on the signed quote (if appropriate).

— Start and duration: This agreement is deemed to begin on the date indicated on the quote and will remain in effect for the number of months until the services are delivered end-to-end. The agreement can be renewed afterwards according to mutual agreement of both parties.

— Confidentiality: The provider company undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to any confidential information received from the customer. The provider does not disclose any of this information without having previously obtained the customer's specific agreement, except in the case of non-compliance with legal requirements.

— Applicable laws: The customer and the supplier must comply with all legal regulations. This agreement will be subject to British jurisdiction.

— Fees and remuneration for services: The customer will be billed according to the amount(s) and milestone(s) indicated on the signed quote if hourly services have been selected. Otherwise, the subscription logic is applied.

— Taxes: All taxes/legal deductions (including service tax) are the responsibility and paid by the customer to the provider. For all products and services, the tax applied will have the following rate: 20%. When paying through STRIPE (payment module), payment fees depending on the bank card used and the billed amount may be applied, they are between €/£1 to €/£14 on average.

— Payment terms: The customer agrees to pay advances upon presentation of invoices at the beginning of the month for that particular month in the case of a subscription. All other invoices issued by the provider will become payable within 14 working days from the date of all these invoices (if outside subscription). If the customer authorizes Stripe to use a payment method, it will be used for an automatic

— Indemnity: The provider SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) will not provide any indemnity for any losses, expenses or damages that may be incurred by the client. SaaSduo (Synergius Ltd) commits to deploying the necessary technical means to cover repairs without additional costs for the Client.

— Non-solicitation: The client and the provider hereby agree that during the duration of this agreement and for a period of one year following its termination or expiration, neither party shall, without the prior written consent of the other party, employ or engage the services of any person who has been employed by the other party at any time during the preceding 12 months from the date on which the offer of employment is made to the other party.

— Force majeure: Neither the Client nor the Provider shall be held liable for any failure, delay or default arising from events beyond their control such as riots, strikes, theft, resignation of an employee in charge of the contract, loss of skills, war or acts of God and/or nature.

— Evaluation: The client and the Provider must evaluate the progress made under this agreement at the beginning of each quarter and take corrective measures if necessary in case of non-compliance.

— Modification of terms: Any modification of the terms and conditions contained in these documents shall be effective prospectively and valid without written and signed by the parties. The Provider reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. An extraordinary annex between the Provider and the Client will be created for any contrary clause.

— Waiver: The failure of either party at any time to enforce any provision of this agreement shall in no way affect its right thereafter to enforce the same. Furthermore, waiver of any violation of any provision shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent violation. Any waiver shall be valid only if it is in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the Client and the Provider.

— Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement by giving written notice of 2 months to the other party (also valid for subscriptions) without providing a reason. The parties’ obligations continue during the notice period, including any outstanding payments. If the work performed during the active period of the agreement includes digital solutions such as software, platforms, e-commerce and the like, the Customer holds a concession principle on the use of the infrastructure; in order to recover the source files of the infrastructure, the Customer has 2 months (that is to say during the period of notice) to claim them. The transfer of support represents to the Customer a fee of 12% on the total of all invoices relating to this agreement. This process includes in particular the delivery of the source files directly to the Customer, or in a meeting with another supplier selected by the Customer.

— Arbitration: Any dispute, difference or question arising from this agreement shall be settled amicably between the parties, failing which it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the British law of arbitration, and the place of arbitration shall be London.

— Scope: The detailed scope is attached or linked to the quotation if appropriate. This may be a webpage or a spreadsheet exported and imported in PDF format for example. Any changes to this scope by the client are subject to additional charges.

— Refund Policy: Any amounts already paid or committed are not refundable under any circumstances. In case the client is not satisfied with the services provided, he has the right to terminate the contract immediately without paying the remaining amounts. All work provided remains the property of the client (except for specific cases).

— Brexit: Recently, the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union. As a company based in London, we want to let you know that Brexit does not change the prices or the law. The only changes are the appearance of a special mention in our invoicing documents, and new measures in our data processing policy in relation to the GDPR. These textual updates are minor and have no impact in the context of our business.

— Branch Note: SaaSduo is a branch of Synergius Ltd. All branches of Synergius Ltd are operated solely from the United Kingdom. Administrative and accounting management is carried out exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Extrait en français et notions en jurisprudence ;

(1) Les systèmes et solutions développées ne sont pas la propriété du client. Seule la technologie, ses données et ses processus sont la propriété intellectuelle du client. Ainsi, le SaaS est en soit une concession nécessitant le paiement au format d'un loyer soit en frais à l’utilisation ou par un montant fixe mensuel en durée illimité jusqu’à résiliation.

(2) Synergius LTD se décharge de toute mauvaise utilisation des utilisateurs et des contenus émis sur les solutions.

(3) Résiliation : Chacune des parties peut résilier le présent contrat moyennant un préavis écrit de 2 mois à l'autre partie (également valable pour les abonnements) sans indication de motif. Les obligations des parties se poursuivent pendant le délai de préavis, y compris les éventuels impayés. Si les travaux effectués pendant la période active du contrat incluent des solutions numériques telles que des logiciels, des plateformes, du commerce électronique, etc., le Client détient un principe de concession sur l'utilisation de l'infrastructure ; afin de récupérer les fichiers sources de l'infrastructure, le Client dispose de 2 mois (c'est-à-dire pendant le délai de préavis) pour les réclamer. Le transfert de support représente pour le Client des frais de 12% (à 20% selon les SaaS) sur le total de toutes les factures relatives à cet accord, c’est-à-dire depuis le début des services et prestations pour le SaaS en question. Ce processus comprend notamment la remise des fichiers sources directement au Client, ou lors d'un rendez-vous avec un autre fournisseur choisi par le Client.

(4) Politique de remboursement : les montants déjà payés ou engagés ne sont en aucun cas remboursables. Si le client n'est pas satisfait des services fournis, il a le droit de résilier le contrat immédiatement sans payer les montants restants. Tous les travaux fournis restent la propriété du client (sauf cas particuliers).

(5) Portée : la portée détaillée est jointe ou liée au devis le cas échéant. Il peut s'agir d'une page Web ou d'un tableur exporté et importé au format PDF par exemple. Toute modification de ce périmètre par le client est soumise à des frais supplémentaires.

(6) L’abonnement se poursuit jusqu’à demande de résiliation des prestations et services, nécessitant un préavis de 2 mois sauf accord contraire. À la mise en place de l’accord, aucune date de fin ne peut-être engagée. La méthode de résiliation consiste à envoyer un email à votre interlocuteur en indiquant ses références clients et la date de fin souhaitée.

(7) Si une méthode de paiement est enregistrée pour votre compte client, sauf accord contraire, celle-ci est utilisée par défaut pour les prélèvements automatiques, une facture est générée à chaque paiement et disponible dans votre compte client.

(8) Pour les entreprises européennes clientes (hors du Royaume-Uni), la TVA est facturée à partir du 1er Janvier 2021 BREXIT sur la base de la TVA Européenne, appliquée à tous les services numériques hors produits physiques, si vous sollicitez un remboursement de TVA (attention, certains services et prestations ne sont pas éligibles à un remboursement de TVA par le Royaume-Uni), la demande doit être adressée directement à l’administration fiscale britannique HMRC à l'aide du formulaire VAT65A disponible sur Gov.UK. Nous soulignons que nous ne garantissons pas de remboursement de la TVA car le retour de TVA est en fonction des services achetés. Au cas par cas, nous sommes en capacité de vous préciser si la TVA peut-être récupérée.

(9) Nous ne facturons pas de frais supplémentaires pour les paiements par carte bancaire et par prélèvement SEPA. Bien que ce canal représente un coût de notre côté, nous sommes heureux de vous offrir ce service sans frais pour accélérer le traitement de la facturation.

(10) Aucun accord de non-concurrence. Nous nous réservons le droit de collaborer avec de potentiels concurrents à un de nos clients, nous nous engageons cependant à ne partager aucune information.

(11) Nous ne rédigeons jamais de contrat. Le seul texte fondamental est ce présent texte. Pour appliquer des conditions particulières, il est nécessaire de rédiger et de signer une ou plusieurs annexe(s).

(12) Lois applicables : Le client et le fournisseur doivent se conformer à toutes les réglementations légales. Cet accord sera soumis à la juridiction britannique.