You Have a Fantastic Idea

SaaSduo builds mission-critical software and platforms that helps SMBs and industry leaders bloom — We craft personalized end-to-end experiences and systems ; to centralize external or internal features and activities.

The ideation session is free for all projects

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Playful interface and user-centric experience
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Integration of pre-built and customized features
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Experimental and prototyping lab for neo platforms
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Easy adoption with our comprehensive product
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Animated informative and institutional content
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Measuring key data to make informed decisions
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Editing of files such as illustrations and icons
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Redundant and proprietary technical infrastructure
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Custom features and frontend softwares and platforms for SMBs

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Synchronization and integration of favorite and third-party tools

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Browser-friendly products (web), no download required

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Transparent all-inclusive monthly fee, predictive pay-as-you-go


Unlimited major and minor changes — Same-day standard edits released


Elastic hosting is included for all P/SaaS — Backed up all logs and fully encrypted


European standards compliant and user-friendly — With a fully personalized experience


Our customers

Every day, over 16k users benefit from our products, representing £40M in client assets value. We provide round-the-clock assistance to users from 60 companies. While we showcase our popular clients, our primary focus is on delivering services to small and medium-sized businesses.

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